It’s early morning on January 1st, and the year is proving to be an amazing start. As we drive up to Seymour Mountain, one of the many mountains nestled north of the City of Vancouver, the sunrise offers us a burst of colour.  As we reach the top, the bright orange and red gently fades into the light of the day. People are already out, seeking a hit of the outdoors and an opportunity to bask in the sun while skiing or snowshoeing as a way to start off the year.

We spend the first part of the day snowshoeing and admiring the views from first and second peak in this winter wonderland. It’s peaceful and an incredible way to begin a year that is bound to be full of adventures. Having lunch at the top, overlooking the city, continues to remind us of the beauty of this land.

If you come to Vancouver or if you are in the area already, do make sure you check out the local mountains, in winter or summer. While there are three mountains that offer skiing, snowboarding, and a variety of other activities, there are lots of other mountains and canyons
to explore on the North Shore.

Wishing you a year of adventure and outdoor bliss!

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