About Outdoor Bliss

Outdoor Bliss is all about sharing the love of outdoor adventures and all the good stuff that comes with spending time in nature. We realised that with all the great places we’ve gone and explored, we should share it with others!

I have always loved the outdoors but I came to hiking, biking,and kayaking later in life. It started off with a little one hour ‘hike’ with the dogs and it grew from there. With each step along the trail, I was drawn to spending more and more time in the outdoors. As luck would have it, as I became more interested, I found others around me who have a lot of passion for the outdoors and we have been on some amazing adventures….whether an adventure is a day or several days, they all leave behind good memories. I am excited to share our adventures with you and hopefully hear about some great destinations that you have been on somewhere in this great world of ours. Time to get out there for a hit of bliss in the outdoors!

Feel free to connect  with suggestions for places that should go on the adventure bucket lists or if you have questions about some of our adventures.