It’s an overcast early morning when we make our way to the parking lot for our tour of Lower Antelope Canyon, about a 15 minute drive from Page, Arizona. The pictures online are breathtaking and we just had to see this slot canyon, a hidden gem, for ourselves. We wait for our tour time with great anticipation and as we finally descend from the parking lot down to the entrance of the canyon, the first glimpse proves to be magical. Lower Antelope Canyon lies just below the surface in Page, Arizona. The sister canyon, Upper Antelope Canyon is above ground with the entrance to it a short drive away. The canyons have been shaped by years of wind and water resulting in an amazing sculpture is breathtaking. Our young Navajo guide leads our large group through the canyon, pointing out interesting formations in the rock, like this famous image of a woman with her hair blowing in the wind.

The tour lasts about one hour total and it is well worth it. Check out this video of a walk through the lower canyon.

The only way you can go into the canyons is via a tour so give up the hope that you will have the canyon to yourself. The groups move through Lower Antelope Canyon at a good clip but you can still get spectacular pictures. Upper Antelope Canyon is more known for the place where photographers go and you will see that prices vary depending on the time of day with the ideal times for photography being higher-priced. We found that the Lower Antelope Canyon was spectacular and our guide told us that the canyons are very similar and equally as beautiful. It is best to book ahead during high season in order to make sure you get your chance to see the canyon. Don’t miss it!

Lower Antelope Tour Companies include: Ken’s Tours, Dixie Ellis’ Tours

Upper Antelope Tour Companies include: Antelope Canyon Tours, Adventurous Antelope Canyon Photo Tours, Antelope Slot Canyon Tours, Antelope Canyon X

Although we didn’t get a chance to take a boat tour of the canyon, that is an option too. There are two companies that take you into the wider parts of the canyon (about 4 miles in total): Antelope Canyon Boat Tours and Lake Powell Resorts and Marina