This past weekend, we headed a couple hours outside the city and left the highway to discover these little historic communities that are not well-known, despite being so close to Vancouver. I can’t count how many times I have sped along the highway to other destinations without giving pause to consider that there is this richness just beyond the off-ramps. Stepping back in time, we got a chance to see how one small community evolved over the past 150 years. It was magical. These little places are all over the world, quietly waiting to be explored.

Kilby, British Columbia was in its’ heyday in the first few decades of the 1900s as the railroad took workers North to┬áchase the gold. As a hub to get to Vancouver, the community flourished. The general store, run by the Kilby family, had everything on hand that one could need. A community prone to flooding from the local rivers, buildings were build up on stilts. Over time, the gold rush ended and railways were not the main mode of transportation but what is left are the remanents of the past. You can step back in time and imagine a life more challenging in many ways but in other ways, more simple.

I have always loved the outdoors but I came to hiking, biking, and kayaking later in life. With each step along the trail, I was drawn to spending more and more time in the outdoors. I am excited to share our adventures with you and hopefully hear about some great destinations that you have been on somewhere in this great world of ours. Time to get out there for a hit of bliss in the outdoors!

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