25 km from the town of Viñales is the little fishing town of Puerto Esperanza. The wonderful part of the trip between Viñales and Puerto Esperanza are the lush fields and the backdrop of the mountains. Hop on the bike and take a day trip out to the ocean, have lunch a hidden paladar, Casa Teresa, and take in the sights along the way.

The ride itself is not difficult but the quality of the road varies (little bumpy in a few spots) but it’s absolutely worth it. Definitely, make time to go if you want to see an area that has not really been touched by tourism.

I have always loved the outdoors but I came to hiking, biking, and kayaking later in life. With each step along the trail, I was drawn to spending more and more time in the outdoors. I am excited to share our adventures with you and hopefully hear about some great destinations that you have been on somewhere in this great world of ours. Time to get out there for a hit of bliss in the outdoors!

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