Horseshoe Bend, located just outside the Page, Arizona, is this unique natural structure where the Colorado River has created a horseshoe shape in the canyon. The colours are absolutely stunning. As we were looking down into the canyon, we saw kayakers making their way through the Colorado River…just tiny specks of colour from where we were taking in the view.

It is a busy place with tourists since it is so accessible –  only a short walk to the parking lot (about ¾ mile) to the edge of the canyon where you can admire nature’s work. Free to park and free to go in. When we were there, lots of people were trying to rush in to get those sunset photos. It was a great place to sit for awhile and take in not only views of the canyon but also all the landscape around it. Pretty outstanding!

If you need a tour from places further away, check out this site and they can help you out!